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Welcome to the home of Dawgs, the first ladder based scoring system for the iPhone.

For support questions, please email

How to play

Using the slider at the bottom of the game, choose the amount you want to play for. Each amount represents an individual game. Plays on the $10 do not impact plays on the $100.
There are 4 hands for each play, and 3 rounds in each hand.
To start, click the "Deal" button. This will deal the first round of your first hand.
Choose the dawgs you want to save and press the "Draw" button to progress to the next round. After 3 rounds your score for that hand is displayed in the "Score" field. Repeat the save and "Draw" process for all 4 hands to finish your play.
Your total score will be added up from all 4 hands and submitted once the final hand is complete. If your score qualifies for the leaderboard, your name and score will be displayed accordingly in the 8 slot "ladder" for everyone to see; you will also start accumulating credits while your name remains on the "ladder" and other people play. Every time you play, 10% of the credits you used to play will be distributed to each slot on the ladder. For example, if you play the $100 game, $10 is added to each person currently on the ladder. If you currently occupy 3 slots on the ladder and someone else plays, $10 will be added to each of your 3 slots.
This game uses a "ladder" system with 8 slots and an instant jackpot. Each slot represents a score range, as illustrated below:
Slot 1: 300,000+
Slot 2: 200,000 - 299,999
Slot 3: 150,000 - 199,999
Slot 4: 100,000 - 149,999
Slot 5: 75,000 - 99,999
Slot 6: 50,000 - 74,999
Slot 7: 25,000 - 49,999
Slot 8: 12,000 - 24,999

If your total score falls within these ranges your name will occupy the appropriate slot on the ladder which also slides the previous occupant of your slot down 1 slot. For example, if you finish a play with a score of 25,000 and player "David" was in slot 7 while player "John" was in slot 8, you will take over slot 7 which pushes "David" to slot 8 and "John" is knocked off the ladder. At this point, "John" collects however many credits he accumulated while on the ladder. Your name will remain in slot 7, collecting credits, until someone else scores 25,000 or more. The obvious goal is to score high enough to get into slot 1. The higher your slot, the longer you will stay on the ladder and the more credits you will collect when you are finally knocked off the ladder.

The Jackpot is an instant win of the jackpot amount, and you will also take over slot 1! You need to score 1,000,000 or more to win the jackpot for any game.

Basic Strategy

Mulitpliers are used to multiply the score of each hand. The multipliers are multiplied together, not added up. For example, a 5x and a 4x on the same hand is 20x your hand score.
The 1/2 multiplier will reduce your score for that hand by 50%.
1 pair = 100
2 pair = 250
3 of a kind = 500
Full House, or "Dog House" (3 of a kind + 2 of a kind) = 1000
4 of a kind = 1500
5 of a kind = 5000
The goal is to get 5 of a kind with as many multipliers as you can. Your name won't stay on the ladder very long if you occupy slot 7 or 8; so, play aggressive!
Keeping any of the scoring hands listed above without a multiplier is a sure way to NOT get your name on the ladder. A "Dog House" with two multipliers of X2 will only get you 4,000 points. So, keeping a "Dog House" instead of drawing for 4 of a kind or more (plus the chance for more multipliers) will likely keep your name off the ladder. The ultimate goal is to get 5 of a kind with 5 multipliers. Even if all the multipliers are X2, the 5 of a kind would be worth 160,000 and taking over slot 3. Change 1 of those multipliers to a X5 and you now have 400,000 and slot 1!
If you want to use your account on multiple devices, or if you want to move your accont if you switch phones, you will need to sign up using facebook. If you choose to not use facebook to sign up then your account will be tied to the device you signed registered with and it cannot be moved.
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