How To Link Your Dawgs Account
Date: Saturday, February 04 @ 17:05:30 UTC
Topic: Dawgs

1. Click the "Link Dawgs Account" under modules.
2. Enter your Dawgs user name
3. Launch the Dawgs app on your device
4. A message will be displayed containing a registration code.  Write it down (or just keep the message up on your device)
5. Click on the "Register" link above modules.
6. Enter your user name, the registration code, a valid email address, and a password for the site.
7. Confirm your information on the next screen.
8. An email will be sent.  This may show up in your spam folder.  If you don't see the email within a few minutes check there.
9. Click the confirmation link in the email and you account will be activated.

If there are any questions or problems signing up please email and we will help.

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