Version 1.05 is ready for download!
Date: Sunday, February 19 @ 01:30:00 UTC
Topic: Dawgs

Version 1.05 includes a new mode of playing Dawgs called "Knockout" mode, along with the in-app Pet Store, and the ability to Tweet your scores.
Knockout mode uses the same ladder based scoring system as Sliders mode. However, in Knockout mode plyaers are immediately knocked off the ladder when someone scores enough points to occupy any previously occupied slot on the ladder. For example, if you score enough points to take over slot 3, you remain in slot 3 until someone else gets slot 3. If someone gets slot 2, you are still in slot 3. All points accumulated while occupying any slot will be collected when the player is knocked out. All Knockout mode ladders are independent of the Sliders ladders. To enable Knockout mode and access a whole new set of ladders, simply go to the Settings screen and change Knockout mode to "ON"!

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